Burmese Jadeite Grade A Pendants

"Immortal Strawberry" Burmese Jadeite 3-D Pendant (JHP79)

$ 88.00

A Jade Heaven Favorite!  Carved  honey natural color Burmese jadeite strawberry with lotus symbol.  Strawberry and Lotus are symbols of longevity, very traditional in China and Asia.  Size is 42mm long, 23mm wide and 17.5mm thick, a 3-D jade carving that can be worn as a pendant.  There is a small hole near the top leaves where a bail or silk cord can be added so you can wear it.  This strawberry is polished, but not too smoothly polished so you can see and feel the "seeds".  Very detailed carving work.  This is one of the traditional  jadeite pendants that was not made for commercial export.  The jade carver studied the stone and chose an auspicious day to carve it so he could use the natural color to best advantage.

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