"Live Long and Prosper" Old Mine Jadeite Carved Bangle Bracelet 54mm (JHBB585)

$ 450.00

Carved Lingzhi (immortal plant) and lucky coin, symbols of longevity and wealth, on mostly white jadeite bangle bracelet 54mm inside diameter, 15mm wide.  There is gorgeous, interesting carving all around the jade bangle.  To balance the yin white color, there are mossy veins to add yang energy.  Moderately translucent, high chime and natural, genuine grade A old mine jadeite.  Due to the translucence, you can see the clarification lines the jade carver disguised with the carver, not damage, just a natural occurance in natural jade.

Photos taken in natural outdoor lighting at different angles so you can see all around.

From my personal collection of jade bangle bracelets I purchased in China in 2003  for myself, but have not worn.  This jade bangle is too pretty to be in a drawer full of jade bangles I will probably never wear, but love and don't want to part with.  Much more pretty than the photo shows.


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