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What does my jade mean? What is the meaning of a jade bangle?

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What does my jade mean?What is the meaning of a jade bangle? Jade is an important part of Chinese culture, and Chinese people are known to have ancient stories and meanings. Jade is believed to be closely related to the human body, and the jade qi energy and the body qi energy flow between each other. Asianpeople often give a gift of a jade piece they wear all the time, because they believe that the jade has become part of them and by giving it to a family member or close friend, they are giving a part of themselves. Jade...

Old Mine "Lao Pit" Jade

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I was listing some of the vintage jade bangle bracelets, jade mined prior to the year 2000, today.  This kind of jade is so wonderful to touch.  The old mine, or "lao pit" jade stone is fine grained, which gives it translucent, and high "chime".  And of course it grade A natural color and genuine.  The jade bangle that I almost kept for myself is a "moss in snow", mossy green veins on white jade bangle.  The moderate translucence is gorgeous, and you can see the "stone" pattern through the jade.  It's so lovely and classic, that unfortunately it's one...

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