Guarantee of Authenticity

Jade Heaven guarantees that the "Old Mine Burmese Jadeite" sold on the web site is genuine jadeite.  It has been tested by refraction prior to listing.  If you have your jade tested by a GIA (Gemology Institute of America) gemologist and it is not as described, we will refund your payment when you return your purchase along with the signed certificate of testing that includes photo of the piece tested and all results of gemology testing  from GIA.  We accept only GIA gemologist results. When we receive a certificate we will contact GIA to verify the certificate number and tester.  We keep a record of orders that include the photo for three months, so any claim about authenticity must be completed within 90 days.

"China's Favorite Every Day Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelets" with certificates of gemology testing are genuine. The testing includes refraction to show if it is jadeite or another gem stone. Gemology testing is slightly different in all countries, but the testing result on the Chinese certificates will show "A" in the upper right corner if it is genuine natural Burmese jadeite. Sometimes jadeite is polished with classic jade polishing wax that has some tincture in it that enhances the color, but this is not "color treated" and it is still grade A, genuine jadeite that has not been bleached with acid, and/or color treated.

The Chinese jade eggs and ben wa balls are made from natural Chinese jade.  Our jade carver purchases the jade rough from the jade mine and makes the jade eggs from only high quality Chinese jade.  This is China's "National Jade" that has been used for centuries in China.

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