What does Dragon Symbol Mean on My Jade Pendant?

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Dragon is a very classic and sacred  symbol in China.  Dragon on jade is even more sacred because chances are you are wearing it.  Dragons are carved on bangle bracelets and pendants.  There are also small dragon carvings that can be used as pendants.


Dragon is symbol of "Yang" (the yang that balances the yin in feng shui). That means it is symbol of male, symbol of power, and symbol of protection.   

Legend is that Dragon and Phoenix (symbol of woman) came together and created the World.  Sometimes you see the classic "dragon, phoenix and pearl" together.  Pearl is symbol of the world.

It is very auspicious for men to wear dragon jade pendant.  It makes a great gift for that special man in your life.

Women can wear dragon jade bangle bracelets, or dragon pendants for protection.  I have a jade dragon pendant that I wire wrapped to a key chain and attached it to a loop on my handbag, and I enjoy it being near me when I am out shopping.

This well carved and very detailed dragon jadeite pendant is a very good example of high quality carving and jade.  It's item #JHP97.

If you are a jade lover, you will love having a dragon jade carving, pendant or bangle bracelet.



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