What is the Meaning of Lavender Jade

Some women truly love lavender jade.  And almost every day, customer are looking for lavender jade bangle bracelets, or lavender jade pendants.  

And of course they want "real" and grade A lavender jade.  But lavender jade, genuine jadeite and grade A, is very rare and very expensive if you can find it.

Why do we love lavender jade?   Lavender is the color associated with the "third eye" chakra.  It's the only jade color that is not related to a meridian used in Chinese medicine for health and healing.  It's related to the one of the specialized meridians through the central part of the body, "super meridians".  

Lavender jade promotes, wisdom, intuitiveness and insight.  In China, lavender jade was reserved for elderly women.  Even during the years I went to China to buy jade, younger women,  premenopausal, would not wear lavender jade because that meant "you are old".  But Western women of all ages don't care, they love that lavender jade.

Because of military and government owned jade mines in Burma (Myanmar), the jade mines have not been producing true lavender color.  In fact, it's getting very rare to find imperial green color.  

In 1999 I went to Guilin, China, and shopped at their jade markets.  I fell in love with a good green and lavender jadeite bangle bracelets, priced at $3888 USD.  I was there for three days and the final day I final got the price bargained down to the cash I had left (jade sellers never take credit cards) , the clothes in my luggage, and the contents of my handbag.  It has a high chime, the color hasn't changed over all these years.  And it would be priced at nearly $100,000 today.

On Jade Heaven, you can find some jade bangle bracelets with lavender hues. We sell only real, genuine and natural grade A jadeite, and with all the fake lavender jade for sale, I could not compete with true natural lavender jade.

This is what you can expect to find at "reasonable" prices:

JHBB3123 Soft Lavender Hues Jadeite Bangle Bracelet

JHP25 Lavender Jadeite Eggplant Pendant


 I wanted to check lavender jade availability and prices from other jade sellers before writing this blog post.  I did a Google search and looked at "images" and 99% of the search results were not natural color grade A.  Same with eBay.  If you think you can buy lavender jade "cheap" you are wrong.

But, there is nothing wrong with wearing color treated lavender jade.  In fact, HSN (Home Shopping Network) has a disclaimer on all of their jade that it's common to enhance the color of jade and other gemstones.  You find the same disclaimer on Overstock and other reputable web sites.  I have several jade pieces that are color treated.  The basic jade is a good quality, not bleached with acid, but color added to make them more pretty.  So there truly is nothing wrong with owning and wearing color treated jade, or other gemstones.  What is important is the seller states the details so you can know what you are getting.

Women often ask me if we sell lavender quartz crystal eggs for kegel exercise.  Since most lavender gem stones are washed with acid before color is added, I don't sell them.   You can wear acid washed jade on your wrist for a while, but you sure don't want acid inside your body.




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