Jade Bi Pendants, Symbol of Heaven

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Today we listed more of the jadeite Bi, Symbol of Heaven pendants.  There are a few more remaining, but we are reaching the end of the inventory on these vintage jade pendants.  They include certificates of Chinese gemology testing, grade A.  Listing is often "work", but touching jade is very pleasurable.  It was tempting for me to keep most of them for myself, even though I have an extensive jade collection.  One of the jadeite bi pendants was almost perfect, very good, almost imperial green with high silky smooth polish.  The jade carver was probably very happy with his work and added a fine silk cord with jade beads for accents.
One of the other bi pendants had a clarification line it that shows how the minerals in the jade stone make the change of the color pattern.  People who don't "know" jade might think this is a crack, and an imperfection, but jade lovers will cherish seeing this specialty jadeite pattern.

They will look their best if they are attached to one of the "dragon whisker" silk cords. 

Get one while they are available, and the biggest offender of making them disappear is "me" who just has to keep it!

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