Help! My Jade Bangle Bracelet is Too Small and I Can't Get it On (or Off)

Jade Heaven

Your new jade bangle bracelet arrived and you are so excited to get it on your wrist.  You try, you push it, you use lotion, but it just won't go on, and it seems like it you need just a tiny bit of "give".  But jade is stone, and stone has no "give".  Before you give up and exchange it for a larger size, try one more thing.


Get a thin plastic bag, the kind used in the produce department at your grocery store.  Put it over your hand and wrist.  Relax.  Make sure your wrist is not swollen from the efforts of trying to move the jade bangle over your knuckles to your wrist.  Then slowly push the jade bangle over your hand, and (hopefully) onto your wrist.

Keep the plastic bag, because you will probably also need to use it if you remove the jade bangle.

But if you just cannot get your jade bangle over your wrist, contact me and we will work out an exchange with the most minimum cost to you.    jadeheaven88 @

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