How Much is Jade Worth and How Much Should I Pay for Jade?

Kathleen Knoderer

There's a Chinese saying:  Diamonds and gold have a price, but jade has no price".  That's because diamonds and gold are often valued by carat and karat weight.  But jade is not a gemstone with "weight", so the price is determined by what the buyer and seller agree on.  

Jade Heaven is getting the jade ready for the holiday sale season.  You will notice that the "Heavenly Jade Sale" has one or two items with very low prices, but throughout the site you will see many marked down sale price jade items.  As the holiday season approaches, it will become more risky and costly to ship jade orders.  The USPS postal system has been cutting back on services, but raising shipping prices.  And due to COVID, there are fewer experienced and reliable mail carriers now.  As we get closer to the holidays, it will become more risky to ship, so now is a good time to make your jade purchase.  And that's why you see lower prices.

So check out the "Heavenly Jade Sale", the Super Sale Collection, and look around the other Collections to find great lower prices.  And of course you are always welcome to "make an offer".  Send an email with your name, country location, and the item number and brief description so we can determine if your offer is good for us, too!

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