What Price Should I Pay for Jade? How to Make an Offer

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When you shop at a real jade market in China,  there are no prices on the jade!  You ask the price, get a response, then you "make an offer".  Bargaining may continue, but if your offer is reasonable, it is usually accepted.  

Most of Jade Heaven Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets, pendants, bracelets and necklaces are "old mine" jadeite.  I started buying jade in China by shopping near the Burma (Myanmar) border in 1999.  I was still working a "regular" job with a decent salary that I could save a few hundred dollars every month.  As soon as my vacation started, I would take all the money I saved, fly to China, spend a few days exchanging US dollars to Chinese RMB, then go south, to the Burma border and buy jade directly from the jade carvers.  Then in 2008, the US placed an embargo on Myanmar for political reasons, and jadeite, even if it was purchased in China.  When the embargo was lifted a few years later, I could not find those beautiful, elegant "old mine" jadeite bangle bracelets, pendants and more because it was mined out,  it was not available any more.

I still had hundred of the older jadeite bangle bracelets and pendants in storage.  And even though I had probably more jade bangles than anyone else in the US, I started buying the newer jadeite.  During the time of the embargo, jade selling had become more fraudulent.  "Fake jade" was being sold as genuine and natural, and B and C grade jade was being sold as grade A, natural color.  So I purchased Chinese certificates of gemology testing from a government approved gemologist.  I labeled these as "China's Favorite Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelets with Certificates".  

I love jade, and I love being surrounded with jade in my office.  I spent the past couple months going through all the jade not listed on the web sites, reorganizing everything, and was astounded I still can't keep it all in one large room.  

And this beautiful, special jade should be worn by jade lovers, not stored in boxes.  

This is a good deal for you.  You can make an offer on a jade you really like.  If you are a previous customer,  I often give loyalty discounts, so your offer has a good chance of being accepted.  And if you are a new customer, you also have a good chance of being accepted.  If the offer is too low, we will send you a counter offer.  

To make an offer, make sure you have set up an account with your name and address.  Then send us an email with the item number and brief description of it so we can find it, along with your offer price to jadeheaven88 @

If your offer is accepted, we will send you an invoice for payment. (That's why we need your account information).  If we need to negotiate, we will send you the best price we can sell it form

It will be like shopping at a jade market in China!


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