Why Does Jade Turn White?

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Why did my  jade bangle bracelet turn white?  When I am asked this question,  I know that the person who has the once-colored and now-white jade has jadeite that was bleached with acid to remove the color, then artificial color was added to make it look beautiful.  That process gives the grade of C to the jadeite.

Not all jadeite is green.  Most of the jade mined today has some green color, but the color is also mixed with lines of unattractive color, like brown lines, or spots.  Sometimes it doesn't even look like jade because the color is so poor, but it is still gemologically "jadeite".  Jade carvers often "gamble" on jadeite stone.  The large stones of jadeite  rough don't show the color inside, and a small "window" is cut so the buyer can get a glimpse of what the color might be inside.  The jade buyer then bargains for the stone of rough jadeite, and gambles because he can't see the entire inside, and hopes it is good color.  It might be precious imperial green color, or it might be very unattractive brown.  That's why it's called "gambling".

If the jadeite rough is brown, cracked, odd color veins, the jade carver bleaches it with acid to remove the color.  Then adds color.  They often make it beautifully translucent, green and maybe some lavender, and when it's beautiful, who can resist buying it.  It's still "real" jadeite, but not natural color.  Unfortunately, it's often sold as grade A natural color.

Then after awhile, the color starts to change.  The better the color treatment, the longer the color lasts.  Then the acid that was used eats away at the color.  It can also irritate your skin.  If you're lucky, it will stay white, because over time, it can get quite ugly.

Although Jade Heaven "old mine" jadeite bangle bracelets do not have certificates of gemology testing,  they were purchased directly from the jade carvers in south China, where we could see the jade rough, watch the jade carvers making the jade bangle bracelets and pendants, so we could see the stone was natural.  Our old mine jadeite was purchased prior to 2008, and that means we have had them for at least 10 years and there has been no color change.  And each piece is also tested here by refraction to assure it is genuine jadeite. 

And of course, Jade Heaven guarantee is that if you get  your jadeite you buy from us tested by a GIA gemologist and it is not grade A, we refund your purchase completely. 

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