"Heavenly" Old Mine Jadeite Jade Grade A Bangle Bracelets and Sizing Information

"Dragons Touch Heaven" Carved Old Mine Lao Pit Jadeite Jade Bangle Bracelet 57.5mm (JHBB298)

$ 8,888.00

This was an older jadeite bangle bracelet the jade carver had "stashed away" because he really didn't want to sell it, and after I purchased it from him in 2002, I stashed it also because I really didn't want to sell it.  Two dragons meet at the top and touch a Bi, round ball, symbol of Heaven.  Size is 57.5mm inside diameter, 11mm wide.  The dragons are very detailed carving and the carving is all around.  A big vein of hong (Chinese red) adds "heart" to this carved jade bangle, and veins of green related to the liver qi add overall healing of body, mind and spirit.  This jade bangle bracelet was carved in the 20th century in the style Chinese men appreciated and was probably made for a young Chinese man.  It's is lightly polished to give it a more natural appearance, and so the jade carver could add more detail without polishing the detail out when he finished it. 
Grade A genuine and natural jadeite, of course.

One of a kind, very unique and precious with a value much higher than our price.  It belongs on a wrist, not stashed away in my storage box.

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