Burmese Jadeite Grade A Pendants

Vintage Old Mine Lao Pit Qing Dynasty Green and "Hong" Red Monkey Protects Peach Jadeite Pendant (JHP85)

$ 388.00

Vintage old mine lao pit 20th century jadeite pendant, slender and elegant peach and monkey pendant 52mm long, 17mm wide, 8mm thick.  Varied green color with precious "hong" (Chinese red" veins at the top that show off the lotus flower carved with a hole for a bail.  Monkey is the Chinese symbol for protection, and peach is symbolic of yin, woman.  Red jade has qi energy for balancing heart meridian, love and good health.  This is the kind of pendant that experienced jade carvers would look at the jadeite stone for as long as it takes him to decide how to use the color of the jade to its best advantage and determine the kind of carving to do on it. It is very rare to find this quality of jadeite and carving which was popular in the Qing dynasty and dynasties prior.  Very nicely polished, a treasure and a pleasure to own and wear.  

This kind of jade is not only special to wear, but also an investment because the quality of this jade is not available now, and jade carvers are turning more to profit that craftsmanship. 

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