"Butterfly Tracks" Green Veins on White Jadeite Jade Vintage Bangle Bracelet 62.5mm, Grade A Natural Color (JHBB263)

$ 7,500.00
Wow-a grade A jadeite jade bangle bracelet in this larger size, rare to find.  Size is 62.5mm inside diameter, flat inside, 14mm wide.  Old mine lao pit jadeite, purchased in the year 2002 directly from the jade carver.  Fine grain, high "chime", silky smooth.  If you wear a larger size, the amount of jade in this size makes the price quite expensive because of the amount of jade used, and the amount of jade that cannot be used from the rough stone.  If you want grade A natural jade in this larger size, this is actually a bargain price, as they sell for more than $5000 in China and Hong Kong.

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