Dragon and Phoenix Bring Wealth" Mossy Green and White Carved Jadeite Jade Bangle 58mm (JHBB605)

$ 3,888.00

Spectacular mossy green color and white carved jadeite bangle bracelet size 58mm inside diameter, 16.5mm wide to show off the carving.  Carving is Dragon (symbol of yang, male) and Phoenix (symbols of yin, female) with lucky coin to symbolize wealth.  The color combination is all yang (green) and yin (white), so a very balancing jade bangle.  This is a Chinese traditional gift to bride to bring good luck and fortune to the marriage.  It is also a special gift from man to his woman to cherish the relationship.

Grade A natural color and genuine jadeite, old mine "lao pit", purchased directly from the jade carver during our 2005 shopping trip in southern China near the Burma border.  The actual value today is much higher than the price we offer to you.

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