"Dragon and Phoenix Mate for Life" Carved Burmese Jadeite Grade A Bangle Bracelet 57.5mm (JHBB3132)

$ 7,500.00

Very finely detailed carved Dragon (Yang, symbol of Man) and Phoenix (Yin, symbol of Woman) come together to hold their commitment.  The genuine natural grade A Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet size is 57.5mm inside diameter, and 17mm wide to show off the carving.  The carving is lightly raised so it will be strong and hold up to every day wearing.  And this is the kind of jade bangle you can wear every day, it will look more pretty as you wear it.  The qi energy of the jade and your qi energy combine to add a glow of beauty to both of you.  The main color is a yin pale green, and some deeper yang green color veins, so the symbolism of the carving and the jade stone "go together".  This is feng shui for your wrist. 

Purchased during our shopping trip in China near the border of Burma, directly from the jade carver in 2003.  The jade is older and very good quality with high "chime".  Many carved jadeite bangle bracelets lose that "chime" of the fine grain jade stone after carving, but this was made by a very experienced jade carver who carves for local people, not commercially.  He told me how he takes a jade rough and studies it, then decides how it should be carved and if it should have carving in the bangle bracelet.  He was inspired by the yin and yang coloring of the stone to carve the yin and yang Phoenix and Dragon.

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