"Happy Life" Green Veins Old Mine Lao Pit Jadeite Jade Grade A Bangle Bracelet 55.3mm (JHBB3127)

$ 388.00

A "happy life" genuine old mine lao pit jadeite bangle bracelet 55.3mm inside diameter, 12.5mm wide.  If you are looking at this jade bangle, and you feel like it belongs on your wrist, that's an indication that the qi energy will be beneficial for you.   Lots of varied green veins with qi energy related to the liver meridian for health and wellness and handling life's frustrating moments, and areas of white "clouds", qi energy related to lung meridian for happiness, letting go of sorrow, and having a calm spirit.  Icy cold, silky smooth, good polish.

Purchased directly from the jade carver in southern China in 2005.  This jade bangle has been in storage and needs a wrist.  It will look more pretty and get a "qi glow" as you wear it.  A low price, this jade has a much higher value.

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