"Honey Veins" for Peace and Calm Jadeite Jade Old Mine Lao Pit Bangle 57.2mm (JHBB280)

$ 3,800.00
Natural color honey veins on light green and white jadeite bangle bracelet 57.2mm inside diameter, 11.5mm wide.  This is grade A old mine lao pit jadeite mined and carved for Chinese people, and purchased directly from the jade carver during our China buying trip in the year 2002.  Much prettier than the photo shows, it has moderate translucence and glowing quality.  Honey jade color is related to the spleen meridian and heart meridian, and balances emotions to bring peace and calmness.  Light green jade veins balance the liver meridian and white jade balances the lung meridian.  This jade bangle has been stored properly in cool and darkness with moisture to keep the qi energy in it strong, but it will come to life more as you wear it, and the color will take on the qi energy your body, mind and spirit need most.   One of my favorites, and a best quality, rare to find today.

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