Old Mine Lao Pit "Hong Red Veins" Jadeite Jade Bangle Bracelet 57.5mm (JHBB285)

$ 2,888.00

Hong red veins and mossy green vein throughout this vintage old mine lao pit jadeite bangle bracelet. Size is 57.5mm inside diameter, flat inside, and 12.5mm thick, a slender and elegant jade bangle carved in the old "Chinese size" style.  Real deep red is not a natural jade color, and "hong" is the Chinese name for this color that is orangish-red.  The qi energy is related to the heart meridian, healing, love, caring.  Deep green veins related to liver meridian, yang and healing. Some of the green veins are like "spinach".  The bangle is moderately translucent and you can see the jade stone and veins throughout.  This is the kind of jade that looks more pretty as you wear it and the jade qi and body qi blend.  Icy cold, silky smooth, never worn so it is "new" but pre-2000 year jadeite from the old jade mines in Burma. 

Rare and precious, one of kind.  This kind of jade will increase in value due to the oldness of it.

Tested by refraction, genuine natural Burmese jadeite

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