"Sneaky Monkey Steals 2 Peaches" Burmese Jadeite Pendant (JHP163)

$ 188.00

Monkeys are lucky if they get one peach, and this monkey has two!   He is a sneaky monkey indeed.  Size is 48mm x 23mm and 8mm thick, like a jade carving you can wear.  Monkey is symbol of "cleverness", peach is symbol of immortality, long and happy life. Peach is symbol of yin and woman, and longevity.  The green is a very good traditional color, moderately translucent around the edges for an elegant jade pendant.

This genuine and natural Burmese jadeite is "old mine" and carved in the tradtional way of the jade carver studying the jade to determine its best use, and then doing the carving on an "auspicious" day.  Purchased directly from the jade carver during our shopping trip in China near the Burma border in 2003.  Tested by refraction, genuine natural Burmese jadeite.   

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