Large /Men's "Moss in Snow" Burmese Old Mine Jadeite Bangle Bracelet 73.5mm (JHBB3273)

$ 5,000.00

Big mossy green veins on white/pale green Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet.  Size is 73.5mm inside diameter, 13.5mm wide.  It is very rare to find the "old mine" jadeite in this larger size.  The jade bangle is well carved and polished, silky smooth to the touch.  The big mossy green veins are "yang", and the lighter green/white jade color is "yin" so a balancing jade combination.  This jadeite has qi energy that keeps you calm and compassionate, while giving you a burst of "yang" when you need to be assertive, handle difficult situations.  

Purchased during our 2003 shopping trip in China, directly from the jade carver near the Burma border.  The jade carver made his jade mostly for Chinese and Asian people, rarely for export.  The jadeite stone was mined prior to the year 2000, and is called "old mine" jadeite, compared to the jadeite bangle bracelets with newer jade stone and certificates of gemology testing.  These were made prior the popularity of the new jadeite with certificates.  

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