"Smoky Spiritual" Grey Green Translucent Elegant Jadeite Jade Bangle Bracelet 55.5mm (JHBB561))

$ 550.00

Photo can't capture the translucent glowing "spiritual" qi energy of this elegant jadeite bangle bracelet 55.5mm inside diameter, flat inside, 17mm wide "cuff" style, lots of jade inside to outside for durability and every day wearing. Due to the width, this jade bangle may fit like 1-2mm smaller.  My best size is 53mm  and it feels like 54mm on me.  If you hand and knuckles are flexible it will fit more accurately to the 55.5mm size.   The color is soft yin green with grey hues and a larger apple green vein for a little "yang" to balance.  Qi energy related to liver and lung meridians for body health and spiritual awareness.  This kind of qi energy is beneficial for chronic pain. 

Purchased directly from the jade carver during our shopping trip in China 2003.  This is from the Buddhist jade carver who has very good qi energy jade stone in his work shop and touching his jade pieces is a spiritual experience in itself.  Old mine lao pit, genuine and natural jadeite.   Silky smooth polish, icy cold to the touch.  Much nicer than photo shows and will probably improve as you wear it with more "glow" from your body qi.  One of my favorites.

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