"Yin and Yang" Burmese Jadeite "Old Mine" Bangle Bracelet 55 mm (JHBB-3303)

$ 5,500.00

"Yin and Yang" light translucent white with soft green hues and darker green veins, each half of the jade bangle different and endlessly interesting.  Size is 55 mm inside diameter, 16 mm wide. (*Please note that due to the width, this jade bangle may fit like it is 1-2 mm smaller than 55 mm) Very rare to find this fabulous quality "old mine" jadeite bangle today, as it was mined around the turn of the century before the political jade mine problems in Burma (Myanmar).The "chime" is very high, indicating the excellent fine grain of the jadeite stone. Silky smooth, well polished.  "Yin and Yang" is very balancing: yin when you need peace, calm, relaxation, and "yang" for powerful life, assertiveness, dealing with difficult situations.

Purchased during our shopping trip in China, near the Burma border, directly from the jade carver in 2002.  Tested by refraction, genuine Burmese jadeite.

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